Have You Made Some Basil Pesto Yet?

photo 8Don’t you think that many dishes can be made tastier by adding a dollop of pesto? We certainly do. And with the summer sun high in the sky and basil doing really well in the garden, the large leaves are literally beckoning to be turned into something tasty. What better project, than making a nice batch of basil pesto. Come and cook with us!

Pesto is very easy to make, particularly in the food processor. It is very versatile and can be used on pizzas, soups, risotti, pasta and as a sandwich spread. And because it freezes well, we usually make a large batch and freeze some keeping our summer memories alive for a little longer.

Th classic Italian recipe hails from Genova and is all about basil, but we have seen recent pesto evolutions using cilantro or sage. Be experimental and let us know what you like best.

Basil Pesto

Let Jack Frost Enrich Your Summer Dishes

It’s in the middle of the summer, but that doesn’t meant that we should ignore the freezer as some fruits and vegetables practically thrive on ice without losing their flavor and nutrients. I’ve made it at practice to have at least a few frozen items in the freezer to add a handful of color, texture and nutrients to my dishes. See which ones fair best in the cold. Come and cook with us! Continue reading

Crêpe, Omeletten, Omelet, Pancakes: It’s Confusing…

IMG_1334 2Sometimes things get lost in translations. Take what we call Omelett, for example. It is different from your pancake or “omelet” and goes by the French name of “crêpe” which if pronounced incorrectly, doesn’t sounds like anything you would want on a plate. Whatever you call it though, these light, soft and delicious flimsy delivery devices provide the starting point for one of my kids favorite dinners. This love for crepes dates back generations, as I fondly remember my Omi making paper-thin and aptly-named “OMEletten” for me. Family history puts me at a record 14! Not sure if that says more about my insatiable appetite, or my Omi’s love for cooking and feeding us all delicious food! Come and make some crepes with us! Continue reading

Garlic Butter

IMG_3552_2When I was in college, my sister met a Australian boy traveling through Europe on her train ride to Milan. In a sign of compassion, she invited him to spend a few nights on our couch. After all, he didn’t have a place to stay. Long story short, he ended up making us dinner – he was an aspiring chef and, apart from teaching him a thing or two on how to cook pasta properly, he left me with the gift of garlic butter. Come and cook with us! Continue reading

It’s Time for an Aperol Spritz


You know you’re in Italy when you walk into a bar or restaurant and everyone is sipping from an orange glass. In case you haven’t had Aperol Spritz before, trust me, it is almost a ritual in Italy and probably the most widespread and common aperitif in Italy. So if you feel a little Italian this summer, grab a bottle of Aperol and have yourself an Aperol spritz. Continue reading


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