Everyone, It’s Schnitzel Time!

photoHave you ever noticed that when you try to cook something new, it seems to take a long time? It has been proven, that because we have to concentrate on the task and be present throughout the process, time seems to go by more slowly. But if we make a dish often enough, it becomes second nature. You can cook while thinking about what you have to get done the next day. One dish that clearly falls into this category is Schnitzel. It seems that making them might take a lot of time, but it is really very simple, easy and quick, once you have the process down. Give it a try. My kids, and their friends, love love love Schnitzel. Come and cook with us!

Wienerschnitzel, meaning “Viennese Schnitzel”, is a classic meal back home and considered to be Austria’s national dish, along with Apfelstrudel. When given the chance, my kids would ask for it time and again, as they like it so much. It’s usually made with meat, but my mom makes it with fish, porcini mushrooms – a true delicacy – and even vegetables from her garden, tempura style. When it comes to the meat choices, the classic dish is made with veal. However, we have experimented with different types of meat and after a lot of testing by my eager test-subjects, the verdict was that chicken schnitzel is what’s best.

So why all this talk about lengthy recipes? Well, there are a few steps involved to make the perfect Schnitzel. First, the meat has to be cut just right, then padded dry, seasoned, dragged through flour, drenched in egg mixture and then coated in bread crumbs. All that before it’s fried in a little oil and, if not eaten immediately, kept warm in the oven. At least you won’t have to worry about left-overs, as there are usually none when serving this meal.

So next time you feel like experimenting with something new, take the leap to Austria and let them show you why Wienerschnitzel are so popular on so many dinner tables across Europe. Come and cook with us!


It’s Back-to-School Night: Let’s Eat Clean

photo 4If you have kids, you’ve probably been to a few Back-to-School events to kick off the scholastic year with a guide on what’s ahead. Well, why not take this week to review what we consider our best practices in the world of food shopping, cooking and eating. We’ve heard it all before, but it’s just good to bring to mind what we already know before we forge ahead into another year of over scheduled feeding frenzy. To borrow a widely-used and very intuitive headline for this exercise, let’s call it our Clean Eating Best Practices. Clean, because when it comes to food, our bodies can only be as clean as the foods we feed them! Come and cook with us! Continue reading

For Nancy

IMG_5720A few years ago, when we decided to start this blog, I remember talking to my mother-in-law’s friend Nancy. She was a dedicated teacher, wonderful singer, talented gardener and also a fabulous cook. Nancy found pleasure in sharing with you the bounty of her garden, on and off the dinner table. And she was excited about our idea of inspiring readers to cook more real food, something that came to her naturally. Through all these years, she would always find a way to relate to our posts and quickly became one of our most avid commenters. Continue reading

Camping Chef

IMG_4211One of the best aspects of living in a rather temperate climate is that it makes camping very easy. Ever since we moved from the Big Apple to the Bay Area, we have discovered a new love for spending the night in a tent, ideally while listening to the crashing waves nearby as we will tonight on a secluded spot along the Pacific Coast. Several beautiful camp-spots are very close by, so dashing away for a night of adventure is one of the easiest, cheapest and most treasured mini-vacations. Come and cook some camp food with us! Continue reading


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