Dinner Winner 4: You Say Tomato

Tomatoes came in late this year.  The Northern California tomato harvest usually begins in the mid to late summer and while the first fruits did arrive in August, it seemed as though we didn’t have our abundance of heirloom, early girl, roma and cherry tomatoes until early October.  That simply means we are reaping the rewards of this late harvest right now, and our CSA boxes are filled to overflowing with these beautiful fruits weekly.  I am, therefore, dedicating this week’s “Dinner Winner” to another dish I learned from Kathrin, one that showcases this abundant fall fruit, and takes only 15 minutes from prep to table.  I call it Kathrin’s Quick Sugo.

A few weeks ago, Kathrin and I canned a whole bunch of tomatoes (80 lbs, to be precise) to use over winter.  It was a time consuming process that required peeling, cooking, filling, boiling, and a lot of wine.  Half way through the day, Kathrin turned to me and said, “You know, in Italy we make sauce like just this. But when I’m busy I don’t bother to cook it so precisely.  I just saute some onions and garlic, add a few fresh tomatoes, cook them for five minutes, and that’s that.” I looked around at the six pots boiling on the stove and thought, ‘that Kathrin, she’s on to something.Here’s my take on Kathrin’s Quick Sugo, a “Dinner Winner” that is easy to prep, easy to make, and easy to share.  Kathrin does peel her tomatoes when making this, giving them a quick boil in water so that the skins slip off.  I don’t bother.  Don’t be shy about adding more tomatoes to this recipe if you have them, and some additional garlic works beautifully.  Come and cook with us!


2 thoughts on “Dinner Winner 4: You Say Tomato

  1. Nancy, Thank you so much for pointing it out. We had some problems with WordPress yesterday, in fact, the spacing is still not working properly but hopefully the Pasta Sugo is online now. Lots of love from the West Coast!

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