(Cook Your) Food Day

Last weekend I took a healthy cooking class.  It was not the most popular offering; Asian cooking, and brunch baking drew much bigger crowds. Nevertheless, of the six other people who attended all were there to learn to cook, many were worried about health, some had serious issues to contend with, and few knew how to make easy, fresh, healthy meals quickly at home.  I was surprised, but then I realized: that’s the problem.  We don’t.  But no matter how busy, uninspired, or cooking challenged we are, in the end our health is directly tied to what we eat.  And eating well requires us to cook for ourselves.  Period.

Last Monday was Food Day in this country – the first Food Day this country has had in 34 years.  I hadn’t heard about Food Day until Kathrin mentioned it, and when I went to the website to check out what it was about, frankly I was uninspired.  I was hoping for calls to action to cook meals at home, eat vegetables regularly, or simply make some beans and rice.  Instead, the “6 Food Day Principals” listed on their site, www.foodday.org, were more political in nature, calling us to reduce diet-related disease by promoting safe, healthy foods, expand access to food, and alleviate hunger, and protect the environment & animals by reforming factory farms.

These are wonderful, lofty goals made by well-meaning people, but not one of these gets us any closer to eating fresh, whole food.  So, for this week Kathrin and I would like to share with you our own “6 Food Day Principals”, six things we challenge you to do in honor of Food Day:

  1. Cook your meals.  They don’t have to be elegant, just homemade.
  2. Make fresh fruits and vegetables the mainstay of your diet.
  3. Eat a salad every day.
  4. Drink water, not juice.
  5. Don’t let processed convenience foods tempt you; they simply cannot give you the nutrients you need.
  6. Join a CSA!

And for our part we promise to continue to share with you the tips, tricks, and recipes that keep us coming back to the kitchen – including the fabulous 15-minute pork dish I learned at my healthy cooking class last weekend.  Check back next week for that gem.  Talk about a “Dinner Winner”!


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