Pappa al Pomodoro

It’s common sense.  Children learn by imitation. And because of this they eat what we eat (or what they see people around them eating or avoiding).  With that in mind, let me tell you about my oldest son’s most favorite dish: Pappa al Pomodoro. It is a dish he watched his father eat every Saturday at the little Italian restaurant in our neighborhood, and it is one that has become near and dear to his heart.  If it were up to him we’d be eating the Pappa (a.k.a. tomato soup) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thankfully the rest of the family is happy to go along with his wishes. But it wasn’t always the case…

Some years ago friends of ours visited for a week with a child who was dead-set against eating tomatoes. As an Italian, who dutifully serves tomatoes every dish, this was difficult.  And when my son (the lover of Pappa) decided that he, too, did not eat tomatoes, well a small family crisis ensued.  After our friends left, I tried to convert him back by serving tomatoes as salads, pasta sauces, grilled cheese accouterments and, even as Pappa al Pomodoro. At first he resisted, but after three days (and a bit of the Pappa) he gave up his tomato fast. To this day Pappa remains his favorite dish.

So yes, kids will eat what they see us eat (as well as their friends, for a little while) so continue to cook from, and eat from a wide range of recipes using a wide range of ingredients. They may say they don’t like something, but perhaps it’s just a bit of imitation, here today, gone tomorrow – so you just don’t know what might stick! And remember, we’re here to help you along the way. Come and cook with us!


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