Braising Greens

With the winter months behind us, and the beautiful early spring leafy greens in full bloom in farms and gardens across the country, it is high time we praise a relatively new addition to modern healthy cooking, the braising greens.  Found in produce sections across the country, and at farm stands near you, braising greens are a mix of the leaves and stems of several different plants, including chard, kale, dandelion, chicory, and collards.  While it requires some dedication to have at multiple meals in a week, these greens are so versatile, healthy and abundant that it is worth the extra effort.  To make it easier on you, we’ve included simple several recipes for braising greens for you to try.  Come and cook with us!

Braising greens are generally a mix of many different types of leafy vegetables.  They can come in the full or baby size, with the baby size generally tasting tender.  You can purchase them at the store pre-mixed, or if your CSA box sends you lots of root vegetables such as radishes, turnips and beets, you can create your own mix at home with the tops of these vegetables.  Because braising greens can be made up of so many vegetables, it is hard to outline an exact nutritional value, but we can say this: with kale, collards and chard as some of the main actors in this show, these greens pack a nutritional power punch.  You can be certain that you’ll get lots of vitamin K, A (beta-carotene), and C, iron, folates, lutein and manganese.  These vitamins and minerals are great for the eyes, the blood, and the immune system.  How can you go wrong with this powerful mix?  Check out our recipes here for a handful ways to prepare your braising greens tonight!  Come and cook with us!


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