Why We Do It!

A week and a half ago my mother, Anita, arrived in Tiburon for her annual visit. I look forward to these trips not only because she is my mother, but also because she is the best cook I know, she thinks riding a bike to your destination is always better than driving, and at 71 she can still out climb me (as she did this past weekend in Yosemite).  What’s more, she is the quintessential native Italian woman, as she does not suffer fools when it comes to food.  While sitting in a local diner in the Yosemite area she turned to me and said, “With the way food is made here in the US, no wonder you put so much emphasis on cooking your own meals.” Luckily she didn’t say it in English, but if I were to be completely honest I’d say she’s right. While we have multiple different convenient ways to feed ourselves, we can very rarely find well-prepared, wholesome, healthy store-bought or restaurant food. So, read on to hear our top reasons why you should make home cooking a priority (besides that you’ll make Anita happy). Come and cook with us!

Kathrin & Jessica’s top Reasons to Cook at Home:

  • You know what is in the food when you make it yourself.
  • When you make the food, your family understands where their food comes from and what it is made of.
  • You’re children will grow up, and when they do they need to know how to cook – its as simple as that.
  • The food industry is a business: the business of selling food for profit. Bottom line profit is not always in alignment with delivering healthy, whole, fresh food.
  • There is a reason why that store-bought chicken-pot-pie tastes so much better than what you think you can make: fillers, fat and sugars help maximize a food’s desirability, and minimize an eaters health.
  • You would never cook with pink slime, would you?
  • Obesity is a real problem in this country and to combat it we must feed ourselves wholesome, healthy, fresh foods that are not pumped with sugar, salt and fats.

Look, we eat out.  Everyone does.  Sometimes it’s just hard to get out the pots and pans.  But if you’re having too many hard days in a row, hopefully this post will remind you that what you make at home is so much better for you and your family than anything that comes out of a box. Come and cook with us!


2 thoughts on “Why We Do It!

  1. With just the act of cooking at home from whole ingredients, you’ve won most of the battle of eating healthfully. Almost anything you could make yourself at home will be more nourishing than the equivalent entree bought in a box or at a fast food restaurant.

  2. Hi Mary: You are so right about the importance of cooking at home with whole ingredients. If it’s good for your wallet and good for your time, it’s probably not good for your health! 🙂

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