All the Way from Italy

This is a special week for me as my husband Dan and I are headed off to Northern Italy for a belated honeymoon. Yay. We picked Northern Italy for two reasons: first, Dan, who is a winemaker, makes a wine in the style of that region.  The label is called Massican and it’s delicious, so I was game for a honeymoon in the region. But the second reason has to do with my friend and blogging partner Kathrin.  She introduced me to Northern Italy when she invited me to attend her wedding in her home town in Sudtirol. I am forever grateful to her for bringing this part of Italy into my life and heart, so for this week’s post I’ve asked her to share her two or three favorite recipes from the region. She’s cooked them all for me and I can attest first hand they are delicious. Come and cook with us (in Italy)!

Asparagus with Bozner Sauce
Spaghetti alla Carbonara
Hot Love Raspberry Dessert


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