Bitter is Better

There are many beliefs and opinions on food that I share with Jessica, but there is one thing about which we disagree: bitter food. Jessica loves bitter food; I, on the other hand, struggle to stomach it. Growing up it was the one taste sensation that was very hard for me to … swallow.  And even though today I understand that bitter food aids digestion by nature of its molecular structure, which is similar to the juices in our stomach, I remain skeptical. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal Review “For Healthy Eating, Bitter is Better” written by Barb Stuckey gave me enough of a nudge, however, to consider balancing my sweet nothings with a little bitterness every now and again. Come and cook with us! 

The article, included below, highlights the fact that our brain and our taste buds get used to the bold tastes of sweet foods at the disadvantage of us being open to other tastes and flavors such as nutritious fruits, vegetables and spices. In addition to eating more bitter food, the author also suggests trying new foods even if it might take you five to ten attempts, eating more ethnic food , and doing a “Hated Horizontal”, which is to say that you try to prepare that one food you don’t like in different ways in the hope that you ideally learn to like it or, at a minimum, learn to appreciate its many different flavors and textures.

Even with all this encouragement, it doesn’t mean that I am serving dandelion salad at every meal, but I am trying to combine my flavors more, in order to balance the sweet factor I love so much when preparing meals and snacks for my family. Come and join us!

Read here the full article “For Healthy Eating, Bitter is Better” written by Barb Stuckey.


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