Happy Holidays

kranzWith the main event behind us, we now have time to enjoy our families and friends and turn our mind to what is ahead: 2013, with all its promise and still so full of potential. We all have our passions and ours is to continue to write about food, cooking and health. Sounds pretty boring on paper, doesn’t it?  But Jessica and I will do our best to be inspirational, to make it fun and to be prolific in sharing our ideas.

Writing about why a little dirt is good, why lemon is actually less acidic than sugar and what cooking apps are best are just a few of the topics we have on our agenda. And to keep it useful, we will continue to provide you with lots of easy and delicious recipes next year.

But right now, it is best to lay back, enjoy the break and dream of what the future might bring. We will be back in 2013 to continue to nudge you in what we believe is the right direction. Happy holidays and best wishes for a great 2013 together.

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