A New Year’s Eve Meal to Remember

FotoWhen I was growing up, my mother had the splendid idea to teach my sister how to cook by letting her prepare lunch for all of us for a few summers in a row. It was a little stressful at times – both for my mom and for my sister – but the outcome is that my sister learned to master the skill of cooking. Today she takes on any kind of recipe, but is particularly good at picking the ones that are fast, easy and taste great. This is a selection of her favorite recipes, made specially for us this New Year’s Eve.  They are better suited for the occasional dinner party than the every day evening meal, but worth having in any repertoire. She has shared them with her friends in the form of holiday letters over the last few years; I am excited to be able to share them today. I guess this is my long deserved reward for spending several summers eating my sister’s less than stellar training lunches. Come and cook with us (and my sister)!

Here is Verena Dellago’s famous New Year’s Eve feast: crostini with salsa alle olive, followed by a porcini risotto, an agnello alla pugliese with roasted cauliflower and an amaretti apple crumble. The crostini with salsa alle olive is an olive tapenade which we have shared before as is the recipe for roasted cauliflower. The risotto, even if not specifically in the form of porcini, is another version of the ever so versatile world of risotti. The leg of lamb is an excellent choice for a larger group and provides quite the visual impact as it is covered with a parsley crust keeping the meat juicy and adding a great dimension to the flavor. Lastly, the amaretti apple crumble is a simple recipe that my 11-year-old nephew prepared for us. I guess Verena is continuing the tradition in her house; I’ll look forward to my nephews’ dinner parties to come!

Hope you enjoy these dishes as much as we did. Come and cook with us!

Crostini with Salsa alle Olive (Olive Tapenade)
Porcini Risotto
Agnello alla Pugliese (Leg of Lamb)
Roasted Cauliflower
Amaretti Apple Crumble


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