Hope sprouts eternal!

28d675749cc811e29b9b22000a1f96c5_6What’s great about living close to a big city, and particularly one that cares a lot about food culture, is that there are always interesting lectures, round-tables, book-signings or speeches about healthy foods. So when I heard that Rebecca Katz is coming out with a new book called The Longevity Kitchen, I was disappointed to learn that my chances to get a ticket to her presentation were close to zero. Luckily she appeared in a segment on NPR called “How to Eat for a Longer Life” where she spoke as part of a panel about health, food and longevity, so I got to hear her speak, albeit not in person. In her book, she introduces us to her “16 age-busting power foods”  and one of them is asparagus which, lucky for us, is coming in season right now. Spring has finally sprung. Come and cook with us!

Not surprisingly, we wrote about asparagus exactly one year ago and the post has all the good stuff on why we eat it and the many ways we prepare it. The reason why asparagus is considered a power food, is because it serves as a spring cleaner flushing the toxins from our body. Furthermore, these delicate stalks are packed with aspartic acid, which according to Katz is “an amino acid that neutralizes excess amounts of ammonia that linger in our bodies and make us tired after a long winter”.

Asparagus is best eaten fresh, but if you have to store it then do so in a plastic bag in the coolest part of the refrigerator. And re-hydrate it in an inch or two of water if it seems a little limp. It should plump right up.

As we mentioned before, asparagus is very versatile and can be blanched, roasted, cooked or grilled and turned into an appetizer, a soup, salads, snacks, risotto or served as a side to your main. My favorite – and fastest way – is to toss in a little olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted in the oven at about 425F for less than 15 minutes. Whether you serve it sprinkled with a little shaved parmesan or topped with a poached egg, asparagus is the taste of spring!

We hope that you will get your fill this season and here are a few of our most favorite recipes, including Rebecca Katz’ most recent one: Roasted Asparagus Salad with Arugula and Ground Hazelnuts. Come and cook with us!


4 thoughts on “Hope sprouts eternal!

  1. It really is time for asparagus, isn’t it? We tend to make roasted asparagus really often (my husband loves to grill it!) but I have not yet tried an asparagus carpaccio, thanks for reminding me of that trend!

    • Hi Mary: Thank you for commenting on our blog. I agree, sometimes I forget about old recipes that I used to make and am so happy when I remember them! Hope you are having a great spring. Take good care, Kathrin

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