Spring Renewal

a0e7611ca7e111e289de22000a9f1406_6It’s been over two years that Jessica and I have been writing this blog and we think it’s time for a spring renewal.

To this end and to make it easier for us to stay connected, we changed the look-and-feel of our site, launched a facebook page and started tweeting. This will help us share what’s hot and what’s not in the food and health world with you in a more timely fashion.

We work at streamlining our mission, focusing not only on what and how to cook, but also on the why we think it’s important to make your own food. It’s fun to stay abreast of and inform you about the latest developments in the world of food but we believe the subject matter would be too dry if we didn’t complement the hard facts with inspiration on recipes drawing from seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We will continue to bring this information to you and hope to inspire you to cook more often.

If you enjoy our conversations and are active in the social media world, please like us on facebook, where we often post links to new and interesting articles, follow us on Twitter or keep up-to-date with us on Instagram.

Yours sincerely,

Jessica and Kathrin


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