On Yogurt…

photoOn the list of staples that I keep in my kitchen, plain yogurt ranks near the top. With its creamy texture, the plain or natural version tastes great on its own, and also works well as a versatile cooking ingredient. I use yogurt to accompany sweet and savoury dishes.

We all start the day in our household with yoghurt on our muesli and quite often the kids will finish their evening meal with stewed fruit with a little more yogurt. One of our favourite pasta sauces currently is made with yogurt, a spoonful of basil pesto and a squeeze of lemon juice. This sauce also goes nicely over a roasted vegetable salad, or sometimes I fill a little bowl for the kids to dip vegetables sticks and crackers into.

Yogurt is another of those foods featured on Kathrin and Jessica’s blog with multiple health benefits. Plain yogurt is high in protein and calcium, lower in sugars than flavoured yogurts and has a good dose of healthful bacterias that support the digestive system. While the regular plain version is relatively low in fat, I have found that many of the low-fat options available retain the great consistency and taste. So I tend to use a low-fat yogurt in my recipes.

Due to the creaminess of yogurt and its nutritional value, it makes a healthy alternative in many recipes. When making coleslaw dressing I replace half or more of the mayonnaise with yogurt. This gives the dressing a nice tang. To garnish soups or chili con carne I replace the sour cream with yogurt. When we have visitors, I offer yogurt as well as ice-cream or cream for dessert.

The uses for yogurt are vast and varied. Go ahead and experiment with using it as a substitute in your own recipes or try the ones posted here…

by Carmel Ireland in Auckland, New Zealand

Coleslaw with Creamy Yogurt Sauce
Lemon Yogurt Pasta with Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes

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