Happy Thanksgiving!

IMG_2834Hope your day is filled with gratitude, family, friends and good food. And if you have room for one more eye-pleasing dish in your menu, I suggest you try this great cranberry sauce handed down to me by my husband’s grandmother. Come and cook with us!

Cranberry Sauce

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Kathrin, I was interested to see your cranberry sauce recipe which is the same as my grandmother’s. It is in a 1953 edition of “The Joy of Cooking”, although with much more sugar. I have cut the sugar to 3/4 cup as you have. My grandmother was born in 1885, probably one generation older than your husband’s grandmother. Definitely a good recipe! I enjoy your blog.

    • Hi Sally.
      So nice to hear from you. Thank you for adding the source of the recipe, which clearly dates back longer than our family’s memory… I enjoy knowing that something we make in the kitchen today, has been made this way for all these years. And I wonder, if the cranberries and oranges tasted much different when they grew them back then…
      Thank you again for visiting our site and best wishes for the upcoming holiday season. We strive to continue to provide more fun recipes and interesting tid-bits why home-cooked meals are so much better for us!

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