An Instant Classic: Pasta alla Carbonara

photoMy grandmother Omi would call it a cheap meal, but that doesn’t mean that a plate of pasta alla carbonara isn’t a big hit with my boys. The trick is to make it as light as possible and to mix in some greens, peas or zucchini, to make the dish even more nutritious. Here’s to a great dinner winner! Come and cook with us!

Whenever I think of pasta alla carbonara, I think of a hut up on the ski mountain in my home town that was famous for serving a mean carbonara which featured a raw egg yolk on top of a plate of creamy pasta. It was sumptuous and extravagant and offered the perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein and fats to get you back in shape to do a few more runs.

A carbonara can be made with lots of cream, which is not what we’re proposing. Rather, we warm the eggs enough without scrambling them in order to get a creamy consistency that makes this dish very appealing. What I’ve learned, is that the best way to achieve this this is by tempering the eggs with some of the pasta water, which slowly raises the temperature of the eggs without curdling its whites. We are also flexible on what type of ham we use: pancetta, prosciutto and ham are all great choices.

We have written about spaghetti alla carbonara before, but just like any other good dish, it  helps to bring this recipe back into our memories as it still counts as one of the best along with other noodle favorites such as a pasta alla puttanesca, pasta with a regular tomato or beef sauce or pasta al pesto. Whether you like it regular, whole wheat or gluten free, pasta remains a versatile and quick mean to a delicious meal. Come and cook with us!

Pasta alla Carbonara

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