Celebrate our Anniversary and Enter to Win!

photo 2Come and Cook with Us is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and we want to share our joy with you. In honor of this day we are kicking off our first give-away contest; answer a few questions right and get a chance to win a home-made dish cloth hand-knit by Kathrin – in her hometown many dish towels are still made this way if you can believe it!  Its purple, machine washable, and made with love; we know you’ll love it. Come and Cook with Us!

This is how it works. The first person to give the right answer to the following three questions will be the winner. Pretty easy, no? We hope you will all give it a try!

Here are the questions:

A. What is the most searched dessert on the web-site? 

  1. Persimmon Pudding
  2. Chestnut Cake
  3. Hot Love…

B. What is Kathrin’s Oma’s favorite salsa?

  1. Mexican Salsa
  2. Pesto Salsa
  3. Salsa Verde

C. What is the term Jessica and Kathrin use to define a series of quick and easy recipes that you can make in a jiffy at home?

  1. Dinner Winners
  2. Super Suppers
  3. Real Meals

We look forward to hear from you.

Jessica & Kathrin

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