All Fans Wanted

I’m thrilled to let you know that our blog has been named one of 2014 Food Blogs for voiceBoks, a informational site for all things parenthood. We know we’re already in the Top 50. Now you can help us get to the Top 10 by voting for Come and Cook with Us! In return, we promise to continue to provide you with delicious recipes and lots of inspiration on why cooking is best!

As you know, Come and Cook with Us has been our passion for over three years now and we’d love any help we can get to spread our word in an overly crowded food-blogging world. So every bit of publicity counts.

If you like our blog, please show your support and head over to VoiceBoks’ voting site HERE and click on the little heart icon next to Come and Cook with Us. It’s easy and fast, no registration needed. We’d be very thankful and send you lots of good kharma for your help in pushing us to the Top 10 which, in turn, would make us more relevant and effective in connecting with readers like you, who share our passion for food.

4 thoughts on “All Fans Wanted

    • Hi Nancy!
      Great question and I should have said that the rules say “You may receive votes from different IP addresses only ONCE”. I believe that you can change your IP address, and thus vote again, whenever you use a different wifi network to access the internet… I’m still learning myself…
      Every vote counts, so thank you for voting!

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