Why did the Chicken cross the Road? To find the Lemon


There are few things that make me happier than a good breakfast, at least when it comes to all things food. And while I love the Tyrolean bread, butter and honey approach to starting your day, changing up the menu by adding a few savory dishes is a welcome change, particularly when these items come in the form of a nice bowl of tasty soup warming you from the inside out. Our latest favorite is avgolemono soup, hailing to us all the way from Greece. Long live this simple and delicious start to the day. Come and cook with us!

Any good chicken-soup dish starts with a good broth, and more importantly, with a good chicken. Ideally, one knows – and trusts – the chicken farmer who raises your chicken, which is probably a little too much to ask for. But suffice it to say, I buy the best quality chicken I can find and afford. And I don’t have it every day. With that being said, the resulting soups, whether in the form of regular chicken soup, or in our case avgolemono, are all a great hit at our house.

There are probably more chicken broth recipes out there than one has time to read, let alone try. For best results, keep in mind that any meat that has simmered for 45 minutes or more, will not be very tasty. Cook’s Illustrated, the bible of all things cooking, suggests removing the breast meat before you start the broth and adding it only for the final soup for optimum taste, texture and juiciness. What makes for good broth is bones, dark meat and a few nutritious vegetables along with a handful of herbs and spices. If you are only after broth, and don’t care for the meat as such, try to use a stewing hen. I end up using a whole regular bird, that way I have meat and broth that will carry over a few days and several different dishes making my efforts well worth my while.

Once your have your pot of gold, I mean chicken broth, the options are endless.  I always thought that chicken soup is as good as it gets, until a friend of mine was head-over-heels for her passion of avgolemono. It didn’t take long for me to understand why and now we, too, have it as a rotating staple in our menu for breakfast and beyond. Try it and let us know what you think. Come and cook with us and remember to vote to help us be a 2014 Top 10 Food Blog. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Why did the Chicken cross the Road? To find the Lemon

  1. I enjoyed yet another take on why the chicken crossed the road! The soup sounds delicious and is one I have not tried – yet.

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