Fat Chance Row

1402967604478Have you heard about the couple that is rowing from the West Coast to Hawaii just so we do something about sugar? When realizing the effects that sugar and simple carbohydrates have on our bodies, most of us would limit our reaction to changing our diet, educating our friends and family or, if we are very driven, writing a blog post about it. That is not what Meredith Loring and Sami Inkinen are doing. They decided to raise awareness by rowing from the West Coast to Hawaii. Come and cook with us!

When Simi learned that despite his athletic lifestyle and “healthy” low-fat diet, he was pre-diabetic, he was surprised to find out how much sugar and simple carbohydrates he really consumed. After a steep learning curve on the subject – he is an engineer and successful Bay Area entrepreneur, after all – he decided to do something about it: change his diet, but also try to educate others on the pitfalls of the Western diet. And it is no easy feat, as the sugar and simple or “stripped” carbs temptation lurks everywhere with up to 80% of processed foods you buy at the super market contain added sugar: cereal, bread, salad dressings, ketchup, pasta sauce, cold cut meats and all those energy bars you eat after working out.

The couple is rowing with all donations going to Dr. Lustig‘s efforts to act on sugar and processed foods. Follow their rowing journey and think about the passion that led these two individuals to spend two months on high sea just so that we do something about sugar! Check out www.fatchancerow.com to learn more. Come and cook with us!


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