Does Your Breakfast Come in a Jar?

photo 16When I was a child, I spent many school nights sleeping over at my neighbor’s house. Apart from the usual rules of going to bed early and behaving well, I had to get up early enough to go home for breakfast. I’m not sure if that was because my parents wanted to make sure that I got to school in time or that I ate a nutritious breakfast. Either way, starting the day with a good meal has stayed with me for all these years. Bircher Muesli is really my breakfast of choice and we have started to make it ahead in little mason jars the night before. This is perfect for a breakfast on the go or when you are lucky enough to spend a night in a tent and want something quick to eat while you wait for the hot chocolate to warm up. Come and cook with us!

If you have tried our Bircher Muesli before, you will be a champ in making these individual jars of refrigerated oatmeal. If not, give them – and regular Bircher Muesli – a try as they constitute a nutritious, tasty and versatile alternative to packaged cereal. It does not take much more to prepare with oats, chia seeds, yogurt and fruit being the main ingredients, but it is oh so delicious, particularly this time of year when stone-fruits and berries are abundant. We usually use what we find in the fruit bowl including peaches, plums, mangoes and fresh berries. Give the pineapple a pass unless you prepare your oatmeal with non-diary products such as almond or rice milk because the dairy milk turns the pineapple bitter. Who knew. When winter comes, replace the berries with sweet ripe bananas and add some cocoa powder or make it classic oatmeal-style with cinnamon, nuts and dried fruit.

Whether going on a camping trip or knowing that you will be in a rush in the morning, try adding these breakfast jars to your morning routine. Come and cook with us!

Refrigerated Oatmeal


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