Garlic Butter

IMG_3552_2When I was in college, my sister met a Australian boy traveling through Europe on her train ride to Milan. In a sign of compassion, she invited him to spend a few nights on our couch. After all, he didn’t have a place to stay. Long story short, he ended up making us dinner – he was an aspiring chef and, apart from teaching him a thing or two on how to cook pasta properly, he left me with the gift of garlic butter. Come and cook with us!

In the US, garlic bread is synonymous with any Italian meal. However, growing up, I had never heard of it. We would spread fresh garlic on a buttered bread or run a fresh clove of garlic one slice of toasted bread, but making garlic butter was something I didn’t know about. That is until the Australian came to stay.

It’s an easy spread to make, goes well with bread and crackers alike, and adds a great layer of complexity to many a sandwich. And it only needs three ingredients. Come and cook with us!

Garlic Butter

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