Have You Made Some Basil Pesto Yet?

photo 8Don’t you think that many dishes can be made tastier by adding a dollop of pesto? We certainly do. And with the summer sun high in the sky and basil doing really well in the garden, the large leaves are literally beckoning to be turned into something tasty. What better project, than making a nice batch of basil pesto. Come and cook with us!

Pesto is very easy to make, particularly in the food processor. It is very versatile and can be used on pizzas, soups, risotti, pasta and as a sandwich spread. And because it freezes well, we usually make a large batch and freeze some keeping our summer memories alive for a little longer.

Th classic Italian recipe hails from Genova and is all about basil, but we have seen recent pesto evolutions using cilantro or sage. Be experimental and let us know what you like best.

Basil Pesto

2 thoughts on “Have You Made Some Basil Pesto Yet?

  1. Kathrin, I freeze basil pesto in ice cube trays and then fill a big zip lock bag with them. I always put one (melted)on top of my pizza dough before adding other things. Now as for sage. Sage pesto is wonderful on a pork roast. Happy eating. Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy:
    Oh, I remember your pizzas, they are like everything else that comes out of your kitchen, absolutely divine!
    Thank you for being such an avid reader, commentator and just overall an inspiration to our blog!
    Stay well,

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