Camping Chef

IMG_4211One of the best aspects of living in a rather temperate climate is that it makes camping very easy. Ever since we moved from the Big Apple to the Bay Area, we have discovered a new love for spending the night in a tent, ideally while listening to the crashing waves nearby as we will tonight on a secluded spot along the Pacific Coast. Several beautiful camp-spots are very close by, so dashing away for a night of adventure is one of the easiest, cheapest and most treasured mini-vacations. Come and cook some camp food with us!

Let’s be clear, I am no professional camper. We have a tent that is large enough for the four of us, mats and sleeping bags, a few camp dishes and, invaluable for any hot meal on an open fire, an iron-cast pan. Most of our overnight stays were just that, one night, so I am not the best person to deliver advice on multi-day tracks across a high and mighty mountain range. Rather, a well planned dinner, dessert and breakfast, with a few delicious snacks in between and we are all set to go, in my opinion.

What I’ve learned early on is that the best way to make your camp cooking easy, is to prep ahead: vegetables are cut, fruits are washed and batter is measured. The kids have had enough experiences by now, that they strong view on what should be on the menu, moving on from the traditional sausage on a stick and potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil. And none of their choices are too elaborate, sophisticated or time-intensive.

So if you are on the look-out for some camping food ideas, here is our list of faves: roasted (pre-cooked) potatoes with summer squash, peppers, a few bits of prosciutto and an egg sunny-side up. Dig into it with the help of a crunchy slice of country bread or baguette and you are golden. If this seems too much work, you can always bake your eggs in a paper bag, which is a fantastic way to get everyone involved in making their own main dish. If you are tired of the age-old s’mores, and who ever is, you can go for a banana boat. And for the morning, forget cereal and instead bring prepared Birchermüsli in a jar for everyone so they can satiate their appetite while they wait for the hot chocolate to warm up.

These are just a few of our current favorite simple camping dishes. Don’t be afraid and give them a try and if you can’t resist, make them at home on your grill. Enjoy the summer and eat real food, even when your plan to sleep in a tent. Come and cook with us!

Refrigerated Oatmeal (or Breakfast in a Jar)
Eggs and Roasted Potatoes
Eggs in a Paper Bag
Banana Boat

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