Baking while Waiting


Wednesday night is blog posting night at Come and Cook with Us. Usually, I’m refining a recipe write-up or reviewing my post. Tonight, instead of doing any of that, my mind is with the upcoming storm. I’m not one to worry, but when even the kids’ school decides to close due to potential wind and flood hazards, I think we better prepare for what’s ahead. Nothing calms one’s nerves more than baking Christmas cookies. After all, we are in the holiday season. Here’s to my favorite of all times: Lebkuchen. Come and cook with us!

Lebkuchen is a little like ginger-bread in the US and while the witch’s house Hänsel and Gretel came upon in the woods is indeed made with ground ginger, my childhood’s version is packed with spices but short on ginger. It is also made of 100% rye flour, which behaves differently when used in baking recipes. I guess that kind of makes it a non-ginger-bread cookie, but I still love the taste of it and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

Baking Christmas cookies with my kids takes me right back home. This time of year, it truly is a winter-wonder land and wherever you go, you will find a platter of typical holiday cookies including Vanillekipferln, Spitzbuben, Makronen and, of course, Lebkuchen. My mother would bake them early in December, keep them in a tin in the cool pantry and hope that by Christmas, we hadn’t eaten them all and left at least some for the extended family who would come and celebrate Christmas day with us.

As you know, cookies aren’t high on my list of things to make in the kitchen, but this is a special season and baking certainly helps to keep the boys happy while we wait out the storm. Stay dry and Come and Cook with Us!

Lebkuchen (Rye Holiday Cookies)



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