From Brussels with Love

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Admittedly, selling Brussels sprouts to kids is not like giving candy to a baby. Sprouts might look cute, and kids are impressed when they see how they grow on a stem in a circular pattern from largest to smallest, but when all things are said and done, making sprouts palatable for anyone may take some ingenuity. Look no further. This dish of caramelized Brussels sprouts has been a huge hit everywhere. Here is how we prepare this nutritious produce and hope that it will become a main stay on your dinner menu, too. Come and cook with us!

First, let’s clear up some confusion. Brussels sprouts are not really sprouts at all. Rather, they are members of the cabbage family, which is actually what they look like – on a miniature scale. As a cruciferous vegetable, Brussels sprouts are a superfood packed with many nutritional benefits including good amounts of folate, potassium, and bone-building vitamin K as well as a small amount of beta-carotene and plenty of antioxidants. They als contain cancer-fighting chemicals such as sinigrin, which suppresses the development of precancerous cells. It’s also what’s responsible for the smell. Overcooked Brussels sprouts, need I say more? Furthermore, Brussel sprouts contain isothiocyanates and sulforaphane, which are two additional cancer-fighting compounds known to inhibit cancerous cell proliferation and to detoxify nasty environmental toxins.

Honestly, I love my Brussels sprouts steamed and dressed up while still warm with a little vinaigrette. This was one of my go-to dishes when I was working in London right out of college. Paired with cocktail tomatoes and some mozzarella they made for a great light meat-free weekday dinner. But if that does not sound appealing, fry up some bacon, ham or pancetta alongside slivered Brussels sprouts instead and sprinkle with a squeeze of lime and you’ll see that the end result is simply delicious. This is yet another dish where type of preparation – caramelizing instead of steaming – makes a world of a difference. And while it may sound all sophisticated, it’s actually super-easy! Give these little juicy crisped up tangy bites a try and let us know what you think. You’ll see, they’ll go like hot-cakes! Come and cook with us!

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta

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