Chickpeas to Ring in the New Year

_DSC0528Happy New Year. We are thrilled to have you back and are looking forward to yet another fabulous year together. The holidays reinforced my belief that we feel better and happier when we eat good, clean and fresh foods, ideally in good company. There is no silver bullet when it comes to eating well. Our decisions should be driven by the signals our bodies send us after eating certain foods. Not feeling bloated, tired, stuffed or generally depressed is worth the extra effort that it takes to be smart about what we eat. For me, it’s the year of simple food, of slow food, and yes, also of baking good sourdough bread. And with today’s post, we are off to a great start. Here’s to 2015, together. Come and cook with us.

We have been fans of garbanzos for a long time, as have many civilizations before us. It’s one of the first cultivated crops. They are considered a legume which also includes beans, lentils and peas. What makes garbanzos so special is that they are packed with fiber. It is my mission to spread the message about fiber this year. Just remember: the more, the merrier. It’s good for our digestion, our immune system, our sugar absorption and our mood. Beat that, trendy diet! But more on fiber some other time. For now, know that garbanzo beans have 12.5 g of fiber per cup. That makes it a fiber powerhouse which is to say that there can’t be enough ways to include garbanzos in your diet.

As we are in the middle of winter – at least here in Northern California, comfort food is what we need right now. Braising garbanzo beans in a rich tomato sauce is a great way to include healthy fiber – and protein – in your diet. And it’s absolutely delicious! You can even turn it into a main dish by adding some spicy chorizo and serving it over rice, millet or quinoa.

Remember, good food doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple is ok. My New Year’s resolution of simplicity will reflect in the type of recipes that I intent to share along with some other pearls of wisdom. We want to inspire, not overwhelm by keeping things simple.

Have a great start of 2015 and let me know how we can help you to stay true to your New Year’s resolutions, at least when it comes to food. We’re in this together. Come and cook with us!

Braised Garbanzo Beans



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