Happy 100th

IMG_0530My Omi turned 100 last week and I was there, along with the rest of the family, to celebrate this very special event. We gathered as a family, close and extended, and friends to mark the day. Inundated with great food, well wishes and lots good times, my grandmother was visibly enjoying the festivities, but also tirelessly working the crowd to make sure everyone knew how appreciative she was of their participation. To celebrate the event, I want to review some of the birthday girl’s favorite dishes. Come and cook with us!

There is plenty to write about a woman who was the youngest of 13, lived through two wars, lost one husband, ran a hardware store on her own for many years, still works in said store, cooks three meals a day, meets her girlfriends for coffee in the morning and a card-game on the weekend. What inspires me isn’t just her work ethics, wits and clarity, but her good hand at the stove-top. Having spent several years working in a butcher store, my grandmother isn’t just good with doing math in her head, but she knows everything about cooking meat: how to choose it, how to season it and how to prepare it. Whether a veal roast, pork cutlets or wiener schnitzel, my Omi knows just what to do. And it always tastes great.

To mark the occasion, here are a few pictures of the event. And of course, a review of my Omi’s famous Salsa Verde, Wienerschnitzel and Orange Cream. Just a few of her favorite things. Come and cook with us!

Omi’s Salsa Verde
Orange Cream

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