Make Way for Preserved Lemons in Your Life

IMG_0986If you are like me and have a sweet spot for Middle Eastern foods, then you have probably tried a few recipes that feature preserved lemon. Or at least you have seen them on the ingredient list and maybe wondered what they are. Don’t be discouraged and give preserved lemons a try. They are easy to make, add an amazing flavor intensity to any dish and absolutely belong into your range of condiments. Come and cook with us!

One reason that preserved lemons are so popular is that the preserving process removes the bitter taste while enforcing the tartness and zestiness of the lemons. As I have learned, while the whole lemon is used for preservation, it is only the skins that actually make it into the final recipe while the flesh is and any pith are being discarded. The result is an absolutely delicious lemony flavor that is unique and hard to recreate with anything but preserved lemons.

Preserved lemons can be used to add intensity to many dishes that are vegetable, fish and meat based. In fact, preserved lemons embolden your salad dressings, you marinate your fish in them, use them over pasta, in dips and salsas. The options are endless. And, to add to their usefulness, preserved lemons look “oh-so-pretty”. Make some preserved lemons today, sit back and let them work their magic and be ready for some more lemony flavor in your lives! Come and cook with us!

Preserved Lemons



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