Who Says You Can’t Bake a Cobbler when Camping?

IMG_1233As most of you know, we love camping. The fresh air, being close to nature and the experience of a simpler life is what makes it so special. And if that were not enough, if your camping site is overlooking the ocean, you’re lulled to sleep by the rolling waves of the Pacific. What’s there not to love. When it comes to cooking, however, we have decidedly moved up away from the simple and tried our luck with the slightly more sophisticated. Our latest menu involved a whole fish, a breakfast burritos, soft-shell crabs and an inspiring cast-iron mixed berry cobbler! The first time we made it, three of us finished it in one go, which was probably a mistake, but I’m sure it will be back for more appearances soon! Come and cook with us!

It isn’t necessary to be camping to make this delicious dessert, but it adds to the thrill of baking it over the hot embers of an open fire pit. What we like about it the most is that it is very easy to prepare ahead and pretty much fool-proof. In fact, I wondered what took me so long to try it. The advantage of baking it in your oven is that you can serve it with ice cream, which we weren’t able to do while sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Give this mixed berry cobbler a try. And stay tuned for more camping-inspired new dishes soon. My dear camping partner and fellow mom has suggested we roast individual quails and eat them cave-(wo)men-style. Can’t wait to tell you how it all pans out. In the meantime, get a fire going and make this cobbler! Come and cook with us!

Cast-Iron Mixed Berry Cobbler



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