It’s Always Broccoli Time at Our House

FullSizeRenderWhenever I ask my husband what vegetables he wants as a side, it’s always broccoli. He just can’t have enough of them. And neither can I. Whether baked, steamed, or pureed, broccoli are super easy to turn into a delicious dish and they happen to pack a nutritious punch, too. Come and cook with us some broccoli.

We have written about the benefits of eating broccoli before. Broccoli are part of the cruciferous veggies which means that when eaten, they release a compound called sulforaphane (derived from glucosinolate, a natural pesticide) that triggers the body’s own antioxidant defenses. Research suggests that this process may block the COX-2 enzymes which cause inflammation. What’s interesting to note is that these glucosinolate hold up well when the product is stored whole in the fridge or at room temperature over a course of seven days. However, finely shredded vegetables can lose up to 75 of their glucosinolates after six hours. So keep your broccoli whole until you’re ready to consume them.

As part of my cookbook testing project, I came across a divinely-sounding and deliciously-tasting recipe in Seven Spoons by the amazingly talented and fellow food blogger Tara O’Brady from Ontario, Canada. I base this dish on broccolini, the younger versions of full-grown broccoli heads which are less intense in flavor than Tara’s broccoli rabe. The kicker of this recipe is the bagna caudal, a Piedmont-inspired sauce based on anchovies. And for those of us who love anchovies, this pairing couldn’t be any better. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Come and cook with us!

Broccolini with Bagna Cauda

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