Do Weeknight Dinner Like a Chef!

IMG_3818The beauty of reviewing cookbooks with a group of fabulous and passionate home chefs is that I learn a lot about how others cook and I get to discover books that would otherwise not have been on my radar. One of these examples is a fabulous book called Chefs’ Easy Weeknight Dinners published by Food & Wine Magazine. Almost every recipe in the book is a must-do, and the one I would like to share with you this week is the Ginger-Braised Pork Meatballs in Coconut Broth. Yes, it’s just as delicious as it sounds. Come and cook with us!

We were first a little discouraged by the title of the book. As a home cook, hearing what chefs cook at home can be a little intimidating: what if the recipes are all super complicated and hard to execute. Well, we were wrong as the book is filled with great recipes that sound super tasty and easy enough to pull off on a weekday, even by us home cooks.

The particular beauty of the recipe, above and beyond its visual appeal, is that it is fast and easy to make, but also stands out, at least from my regular weeknight dinner repertoire. Imagine having a pot on your stove filled with “gingery meatballs simmering in a coconut milk-spiked chicken broth fragrant with lemongrass and lime”. Need I say more!

Jenn Louis, chef at Lincoln Restaurant in Portland, Oregon proposed this recipe in the book and I am grateful to her for sharing her culinary creativity with us. Hope you will try it to. Come and cook with us!

Ginger-Braised Pork Meatballs in Coconut Broth


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