Beef and Barley Buns Coming Your Way

IMG_3843Continuing on our series of cookbook reviews, there are tons of great books out there that for one reason or another didn’t make it on to our short list. One of these is by the incomparable and highly talented Jamie Oliver, formerly known as the Naked Chef. His book “Comfort Food” is packed with hearty recipes from all ethnic backgrounds. We tried several and are going back again and again to the beef and barley buns with fresh horseradish as they continue to be an absolute hit! Come and cook with us!

Jamie’s prolific publishing both on paper as well as in social media make him a fun chef to follow. He focuses on good food, makes it entertaining and relaxed and, similarly to our mission – albeit on a multi-million marketing plan, gets people back into the kitchen by attracting them with great food supported by his passion for why we should cook more often. In fact, his most recent book, which will be published here in the U.S. later this month  and which will be featured in our bookfair is about Superfoods and how we should cook with and eat them every day. Sounds familiar to us!

But back to the book that didn’t make it. Comfort Food includes classics such as chicken tikka masala, porridge, cornbread, quesadillas, pasta, gnocchi, risotto, ribs, vanilla ice cream, apple pie and more. It also goes off the beaten track with dishes that look scrumptious and delicious, but are not as well known to my continental European upbringing including Ghanaian peanut stew, shrimp curry pot noodle, nasi goring, gado-gado and gyoza with crispy wings. Goes to show how much there is still out there to learn.

From the beginning, my family set their eyes on the beef and barley buns, whose biggest challenge to some of my readers will probably be the call for yeast dough which, if you have not made before, might sound intimidating. Don’t let is scare you off. It’s super easy and can absolutely be made by anyone who can follow a recipe. And once you know how to make it, you can turn your new skill into so many delicious dishes that will be of incremental benefit to your dinner table and anyone who sits around it. So take this offer, hold my hand and let’s make these delicious buns together. Come and cook with us!

Beef and Barley Buns (by Jamie Oliver)

2 thoughts on “Beef and Barley Buns Coming Your Way

  1. The Barley Buns are delicious, beautiful and unusual. The horseradish sauce is a perfect accompaniment.

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