Don’t Ditch The Quinoa Just Yet

IMG_4159At a recent menu discussion, my friend suggested we include a quinoa salad and I found myself instinctively responding with a categorical No. I guess, I had just a few too many bland quinoa salads lately. Little did I know that once I tried this quinoa and grape salad from Katie Quinn Davies’ latest book “What Katie Ate on the Weekend”, I’d be converted back to finding quinoa party salads not just an “ok option”, but actually a delicious hit. Come and cook with us!

Katie is a very popular Australian food blogger, a deserving recipient of the 2013 James Beard Award for Photography, and an author of another book, “What Katie Ate” that was originally published in 2012. Katie’s more recent “weekend” book just came out and, as with her first, is jam-packed with delicious recipes and gorgeous photographs. In fact, pretty much anything we tested from this book was a hit with our recipe testers and tasters. This is a buy, for sure!

What I like about this salad is that it is perfect for a potluck or party as you can prep the ingredients ahead of time and then assemble it at the last minute. And the salad works in great quantity, as I made it for a large event not long ago. There is a certain liberty that you can take with regards to the grain selection, as I actually used a mixture of ancient grains including quinoa, amaranth, and millet.

Whether you stick to the recipe, or wander off a little, this quinoa and grape salad is super easy, super delicious and a great addition to any menu list. Come and cook with us!

Quinoa and Grape Salad


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