Vacanze e Gnocchi alla Romana

IMG_5232The beauty of Europe is the density of different countries, all within a day’s travel. Being able to board a train or get into your car and ride for a few hours to arrive to a completely different town, country and culture is one of the most appealing aspects of living in Europe. For example, when the combo artificial snow/number of tourists on the slope dipped against our favor, we decided to make the most of our holidays by visiting Rome. Less than four hours on the fast train Freccia D’Argento and we were sitting at a trattoria that offered mouth watering, lip smacking and absolutely delicious food. This week’s Gnocchi alla Romana are inspired by this trip. Come and cook with us!

While spaghetti, pizza and chicken piccata have made it across the pond, these gnocchi are not widely known outside Italy. They are semolina-based, feature plenty of parmiggiano and are usually served with a hearty tomato sauce or a light salad, depending on the season. They are made from scratch, but unlike potato gnocchi, they are faster, easier and pretty much foolproof to get done. And they don’t only taste great, but also look like a fun dish to make and serve. The gist of it is that you make the dough with milk, semolina, an egg and some cheese, spread it out, let it cool, form, arrange and bake.

So whether you want to take a culinary trip to Roma or are in the mood for trying something new, these Gnocchi alla Romana fit the bill. Let me know what you think. Come and cook with us!

Gnocchi alla Romana


3 thoughts on “Vacanze e Gnocchi alla Romana

    • Hi Sally.
      Thank you so much for looking it up on the website. I hit “Publish” a little too soon so the post went out without the direct link.
      Let me know what you think of the semolina gnocchi!
      Be well,

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