Whole Lot of Whole Grains

IMG_4708Sure, there is a difference between cooking and baking and while I feel comfortable cooking up pretty much anything, I get a little more hesitant when it comes to baking. Not so with this amazing Seeded Whole Grain Soda Bread. I know it’s way past March 17th, but this version of a soda bread deserves to be baked more than just once a year. Come and cook with us!

Compared to the (gluten and gluten free) sourdough breads I experiment on a regular basis – and to varying success, this whole grain soda bread is really easy and quick to bake. It is packed with lots of whole grains including quinoa, millet, amaranth and oats and is inspired by a recipe I found on Bon Appetit. It’s amazingly moist and chewy and has become an instant favorite at my house. It’s great on its own, with butter and jam for breakfast, but also with scrambled eggs or hummus or smoked salmon. The options are endless.

The whole grains in the recipe are truly whole, with the exception of the oats, that are rolled. To soften their texture ahead of baking, soak the grains in buttermilk for 8-12 hours. Yes, this means that baking this bread needs a little planning on your side, but nothing too serious or time-intensive. We can absolutely do this! It bakes in squares in my favorite cast-iron pan so I usually freeze what we don’t eat on the first turn around to defrost and toast the rest on the following day or later in the week.

If you or someone in your family likes bread, give this Seeded Whole Grain Soda Bread a try and let us know what you think. Come and cook with us!

Seeded Whole Grain Soda Bread


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