Loving Lentils, Too

IMG_7176There are certain go-to staples that will always have a place in my heart. Pasta, rice and beans are regularly featured on my menu, however, I tend to look over another great pantry item that has many of the nutritional benefits of beans, is even more versatile and can be made in a much shorter time as it doesn’t require soaking. I’m sure you already know what I’m referring to: let’s give a round of applause to lentils which have been eaten by many civilizations reaching from Asia, to the Medtierranean all the way to our kitchens today! Come and cook with us!

Compared to Jessica’s love for lentils, I didn’t grow up eating dried legumes which is why I seldomly think of them when forming dinner plans which is unfortunate for my husband loves them. Lentils contain many naturally-occurring vitamin Bs and protein for those who wish to consume less animal products. Furthermore, lentils have low glycemic load, act as time-released energy, normalize blood sugar and blood lipids, and are a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. To round out lentils’ virtues, they are loaded with lignans, which help balance hormones naturally. So if this doesn’t convince you, keep in mind that lentils are super easy to cook, versatile in their application and great when added to salads, soups and stews as well as meatloafs and dals.

Inspired by a recent trip to the brilliant Huckleberry Cafe in Santa Monica, we had a delicious lentil stew that was topped with fresh sausages. It all come together so beautifully and deliciously that I wanted to share this dish with all of you. Among the many varieties on the market, I choose black lentils which along with the green (or Le Puy lentils), keep their shape much better than the yellow or orange kinds. We added a steaming heap of polenta to the spread and it was all gone before I even got a chance to offer seconds. Make sure you use good quality sausages as they certainly belong to the food group of “few, but good”.

I hope you give this lentil stew a try! Come and cook with us!

Black Lentil Stew with Sausage


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