Is There a Dressing in the House?

IMG_7245As temperatures get warmer and we crave more salads, let me take this week to remind you how simple it is to prepare a delicious home-made salad dressing. I know, it’s so tempting to reach for that pre-made stuff in the beautiful bottle with the attractive label, but as with so many other processed items, not much of what’s in the bottle is that attractive after all. My current favorite dressing is my kids’ school house dressing. Don’t tell anyone, but I sometimes de-tour to the school on my way home, just so that I can indulge in a big plate of leafy greens dressed in what has become a community favorite. Learn how to make a supply of Jason’s House Dressing at home. Come and cook with us!

When I grew up, we usually made the dressing in the salad bowl right when we were ready to dress the salad. The convenience of having a pre-(home)made bottle at hand came clear to me when I learned a few good salad dressing recipes from Anne, my mother in law. It’s fun to experiment with different flavors to match a variety of produce salads. We have shared a few great dressing recipes over the years such as Anne’s Clear French or Daily Salad Dressing, but also Dijon or Lemon Tahini are good additions to any repertoire. The world is your oyster, when it comes to salad dressings.

The one I’d like to share with you this week is Jason’s House Dressing which is from our school’s culinary chef. My kids – and I – clearly can’t get enough. It’s easy to make, has only a few ingredients – pick good quality ones – and can be made in a jiffy. I think one of the most important aspects of a salad dressing is the quality of the acidity. Using champagne vinegar ensures that while there is some tang to it, there is also balance. Also, both dijon and garlic provide for additional flavor boosters that go very well with many raw vegetable salads, including leafy greens and all kinds of crunchy ones such as bell pepper, sugar snap peas and chick-peas to name just a few. If you are looking to add some protein, a hard-boiled egg goes extremely well with this dressing, too.

Let me assure you, having a supply of this vinaigrette in your fridge will make your next bowl of leafy greens taste even better! Try it and let us know what you think. Come and cook with us!

Jason’s House Dressing

IMG_7241 IMG_7242 IMG_7245

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