Summer (Camping) Fun with Chicken Mushroom Quesadillas

IMG_7324School is out, kids are running wild and we are going camping! As always, sprinkled in between the easy-to-make, nutritious and yummy food we write about on a regular basis, I love to share what we cook when we go camping. Culinarily speaking, this time our outdoors adventure was lead by my 16-year-old nephew who is visiting from Germany. It’s great to see youngsters taking an active role in their food preparation and I’m sure the enthusiasm was partly fueled by the appeal of an open fire pit. Either way, we festively dined on very non-German chicken and mushroom quesadillas on the grill along with fresh corn, a delicious salad and, to pass on an American tradition to the next generation, a healthy serving of s’mores for everyone. Come and cook with us!

I have to admit, packing in a camping trip on the same day as school ends was a little ambitious. My best practices for prepping food ahead went out the window and we improvised at the store on the way to the site. My nephew led the charge and a few shopping bags later we were on our way. It was a windy, albeit sunny affair and once the fire was well established, the boys got busy. My cast-iron pan was heavily featured – no pun intended –  in the preparation of the meal along with my grilling basket and a sheet pan that always comes in handy.

For the quesadillas themselves, we sautéed sliced mushrooms with a little olive oil and grilled and shred sliced chicken breasts. Assembly was left to each diner so that each quesadilla was personalized reflecting the tastes and prepping attitudes of each guest. We grilled the corn in the husks, after removing the silk, and they turned out golden, tender and juicy. The salad lent a lighter crisp distraction to the hot food.

The best part of this trip wasn’t what we ate, it was seeing my sons and their cousin connect, have fun, build memories. This summer, reach out to your family and spend time together to connect and share in the joy of a relatively peaceful and predictable political landscape, at least until the fall elections. Just kidding! We’ll be spending time with my family and many friends, so my blog posts will be a little more sporadic than usual until we return again to a more manageable routine in August. Until then, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch. I’d love to hear from you and learn what you are up to this summer. Share your photos, your food and your fun! Come and cook with us!


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