Check for Chickpea(flour)

IMG_7398The fall might be seem like lightyears away, but we have already started to look at delicious, tasty and inviting cookbooks that we hope to sell at our book fair later this year. As you know, I’m always on the lookout for lesser known authors who put extra thoughts into creating recipes for the home chef that are doable on a weeknight while still being nutritious, delicious and satisfying. One such book I really like is Chickpea Flour Does It All by Lindsey S. Love who is also the creator of Dolly and Oatmeal.

Garbanzo – or chickpea flour – is made from finely ground, dried chickpeas. It has all the characteristics I am looking for in a flour: it’s gluten-free, grain-free, low-glycemic, and exceptionally high in protein. While relatively new in Western Cuisine, it has been used for centuries in Mediterranean, Indian and Southeast Asian cooking. I’ve written about making Farinata with chickpea flour before. The reason I prefer it to other more main-stream gluten free flour options is that it has a taste that reminds me of whole wheat flour, which I love. Many of the flour alternatives are just starchy fillers without much flavor. What do you think of it?
This cookbook contains a collection of recipes that focus entirely on this versatile and nutritious ingredient. I’ve tried the Sweet Crepes, the Mango Poppy Seed Cornmeal Muffins and want to share with you a Dutch Baby that was inspired by a recipe in the book. You can whip it up in a jiffy and it bakes while the kids are still waking up. What a perfect way to start these gorgeous summer days. Come and cook with us!

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