About Me

Hello and welcome to Come and Cook with Us, a blog about cooking, eating and living. I originally launched this blog with my friend, Jessica, as an answer to a question: how can we help you prepare real, delicious, simple food? We understand the convenience of throwing a meal in the microwave, or going to a restaurant. The temptation to let someone else do the hard work of actually planning, shopping and cooking is everywhere. And while those things certainly satiate hunger, and cooking can be a daunting task, eating is so much more than sustenance.

Growing up in Italy, I learned cooking from my mother and grandmother and I believe that with a few basic skills, we can all make a variety of delicious meals, easily. I am committed to sharing with you how to do this, along with basic recipes that can be prepared quickly.  We offer help when you don’t know what to cook, or how to cook it, and inspiration so you can do it again and again (and again).

I hope you enjoy my blog.  If so, feel free to click the Share button; I want to get my message out. Come and cook with us!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow Ladies – impressive launch and I’m honored to be a part of the initial invitees for your blog. Yes, I want to subscribe! It does seem like you’ve struck the right tone of befriending your reader versus acting as an “expert.” Cookbooks are well and good but if you can find the approach to make the recipes and your relationship with your readers accessible and fun, that is more than most celebrity chefs or cookbooks are able to do. I may have to hit the kitchen now, inspired by fish in parchment! Best wishes and look forward to more, Lisa

  2. I’m excited to find you – thru the Parsely article on ‘Fat,Sick and..’ I jumped over to your website when I read ‘Northern CA’ hoping it was ‘MY” northern CA. And it’s close – born and raised in S.F., my aunts home was in Tiburon in the hills off E. blithedale (sp) exit. And, I’m also Italian (few generations back). Can’t wait to read your blog, thank you….hopefully you’ll have pics of Tiburon sprinkled thru out!!

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