Delicata Squash Risotto

Serves 4

When my friend and phenomenal home-cook Susanne came to visit me last year, she improvised this risotto recipe that immediately became a hit with her daughter and me. It’s fast, it’s easy and the delicate flavor of this particular squash comes to its full potential in this dish.

1 medium-sized delicata squash
1 small onion
2 cups of arborio, vialone or carnaroli rice (or short grain brown rice): ½ cup per adult (or two children)
2 tablespoons olive oil
½ cup dry white wine
4 cups broth or water/stock cube
2 oz fresh Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper

Finely dice onion and sauté in a wide pan with the heated olive oil. Stir for about 5 minutes.
Add rice and toast in onion mixture until it becomes glassy, continuing to stir. Do not let onions or rice brown.
Add white wine and let it absorb – about 5 minutes.
Add broth bit by bit or – to save time – in two batches while stirring over low-medium heat  – about 12 minutes.
While the rice cooks, wash, half and core the delicata squash and carefully grate it without accidentally shaving off your skin.
When most of the liquid is absorbed, add the delicata squash and stir well. A Tsp of butter (or cream) is optional and makes the rice very creamy. Some olive oil is a good substitute.
Add the Parmesan and adjust seasoning.
Leftovers can be reheated by adding a little water.

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