Simple Basmati Rice

Serves 2 to 4

Rice is an easy thing to make. Boil water, add rice, and you’re done.  Then why a recipe for Basmati rice?  Simply because rice making is made infinitely easier by the addition of a few easy steps that are outlined below.  If you follow these instructions you’ll end up with perfectly cooked, fluffy Basmati rice every time.

1 cup of Basmati rice

Place 1 cup of Basmati rice in a 3-quart saucepan.
Cover with one inch of water, set aside.
Let sit for a time, ten to thirty minutes at least.  The longer the rice sits, the quicker it will cook when you heat it.
Drain soaked rice in a strainer, rinsing out the extra starch under cold running water.
Cover soaked rice with two inches of cold water.  Set on stove.
Bring rice to a boil then add a pinch of salt.
Lower flame and simmer rice, uncovered, until tender.  The rice should be just underdone.
Drain cooked rice of most of its water and return to pot, with the flame off.
Cover with a clean kitchen towel, allow to set for five to ten minutes.
Fluff rice and serve.

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